Note to Elector: You can continue only after you read and accept the statements below.

I, the undersigned, hereby swear/affirm that: I understand and agree with each statement below.

  1. I am registered to vote in Montana or I am entitled to vote in this election because of special provisions.
  2. I am eligible to receive and vote an electronic ballot because I am an individual with a disability in accordance with 13-3-202 Montana Code Annotated ;
  3. I have not submitted another ballot for this election.
  4. I understand that attempting to vote more than once is a violation of Montana election laws.
  5. I understand that failure to provide the required information may invalidate my ballot.
  6. I understand that by choosing to mark my ballot via this ballot marking wizard, my ballot will not be secret in that it will be received by the election administrator and my marked ballot will be transcribed to an original ballot by a panel of no less than two election judges.
  7. I must return my voted ballot in person or by mail to the county election office.