Ballot Marking Instructions

How do I mark this ballot?

Click on the "OK, Mark Ballot" button below to view your ballot. You may either mark your ballot on-screen or print your ballot and mark it manually.

  • To mark your ballot on-screen, click on the oval to the left of your choice for each contest.
  • To mark your ballot manually, click on "Continue to the Next Step" on the ballot marking screen, then on the download page select a transmission method (i.e. email, fax, or postal mail), and print the ballot packet.

Electors are not required to vote on all contests and may, at their option, choose not to mark any choices.

Primary Elections

  • The Electronic Absentee System (EAS) for voters covered under UOCAVA provides access to all applicable primary election ballots.
  • Each partisan ballot contains a section that includes nonpartisan offices and applicable ballot issues.
  • Although voters can view all of the applicable ballots, Montana statute allows for only one party ballot to be submitted. (13-10-301, MCA)
  • If you decide that you want to change which party's ballot you vote, you can select a different ballot at any time. Please note that previous ballot selections will not be retained.